“Aikido Article One… The Way Of Harmony!”


Aikido – The Way of Harmony

by Tony J. Wilden – http://www.aikido-health.com

Aikido is an original martial art  that isn’t competitive or violent. The techniques do not require physical strength or aggressive spirit and can be practiced by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The many benefits include… self defence, discipline, breath control, relaxation, flexibility, stamina, speed, power, health, harmony etc.

Using circular movement an attackers energy can be returned to them. A wide variety of methods can be used to cause pain and submission, without serious injury.

In time, after focused training, you will develop an inner balance that can be used in your daily life. Aikido offers you a unique key to living naturally and unselfishly in a complicated world.

The teachings tell you that the one point in your lower abdomen is the centre of your universe wherever you go. Keeping your mind concentrated on this point causes relaxation along with the ability to respond fast.

Aikido Founder

Master Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei (1883-1969) was known as one of the World’s greatest martial artists. Although he was invincible as a warrior, Morihei became a man of peace who detested violence.

After mastering judo, kendo and jujutsu, along with his profound spiritual insight into the nature of the universe, he created aikido, an entirely original martial art based on universal principles.

Morihei taught the art of peace as a mind-body discipline, as a practical method for handling aggression, and as a way of life that develops fearlessness, wisdom, love, and friendship.

He believed that aiki principles of reconciliation, harmony, and co-operation could be applied bravely to any challenge you face in life.

Although the art originated in Japan, it was intended to be a gift for all humankind. He was often described as being the most religious person in Japan, and in his later years, spent much of his time in study and prayer.

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